Serving Foster Kids With Love



This month With Love, started serving parents again at Foster Parents’ Night Out at Imago Dei. This the second year that With Love, has served foster families who attend these events. It was a great moment to reflect how God has grown our little nonprofit over the year. The difference is huge.

In October of 2013 we had nervous excitement as we set up our area to meet foster parents and give them bundles of clothing at Foster Parents’ Night Out. We had about 15 bundles of clothing, ranging in sizes 0-5 (pictured above). We also had some toothpaste and toothbrushes. While very excited for the event, we didn’t know what to expect. Quickly we learned we didn’t have enough bundles or sizes. But we had tried our best with what we had and knew the following month we would be more prepared. Fast forward to this October where 50 Halloween costumes hung awaiting a new homes, consumables were displayed, and we had bundles of clothing galore to give away. Parents walked out of our area with bags overflowing with items. This moment was so satisfying.

Over 50 Halloween costumes were given to foster families!

Over 50 Halloween costumes were given to foster families!

At With Love, we are still a budding nonprofit. We are 100% donation driven, which has its challenges. Our warehouse location has allowed us to engage more volunteers, house more items, and serve more families since we moved in March 2014. This summer we set up five nurseries/bedrooms for foster parents who had never had children in their homes. Clothes, toys, bathtubs, bedding, high chairs and more were lovingly delivered to these heroes who were opening up their homes. We also served many families who needed summer clothes, shoes, and swimsuits for their growing foster kids. We never once had to say no to a family.

Our weekly sorting, cleaning, and bundling sessions have been a huge success due to some amazing leaders who serve faithfully each month. We are always looking for volunteers who want to help us in the warehouse. You can contact us or check out our volunteer page.

With Loves,' new warehouse

With Loves,’ new warehouse

If time is limited, but you want to be involved here are a few easy ways to engage and help!

  • Donate items! You can drop them off in the “Loving Our City” in the bin at River West Church. In the foyer you’ll find cards with items we need, or go to our Facebook page to see what we are collecting. Just bring in donations labeled “With Love.”
  • Company match programs. Perhaps your workplace would match your donation!
  • Connect your Amazon account to Smile Amazon. A percentage of your purchase goes to us! Choose With Love Oregon.
  • Connect your Fred Meyer Rewards card to us! We get part of the money you spend every shopping trip! Choose With Love Oregon.
  • Giving a tax-deductible donation on our website. At this moment, we are only about 50% funded monthly. We could use monthly or one-time donors to help us keep everything free to foster parents.
  • Help us with our holiday stocking stuffers. We are looking for stocking stuffers for ages 0-5 for this Christmas season.

It is due to God’s grace, volunteers, and generous donors that With Love, is thriving. We are excited to partner with River West in January to start loving on foster parents and kids that attend that Foster Parents’ Night Out. We believe that serving the most vulnerable children in our area is something that God has called us to do. Once you start putting names and faces to the kids, you can’t help but be moved and want to serve them.

To get involved, contact Allie Roth at