Foster Care | The Story Of With Love…


One of my favorite things in life is meeting ordinary people with outrageous ministry dreams. Allie Roth is one such woman. Allie is living proof that full-time moms can be fully sold out disciples of Jesus. Several months ago, Allie came to my office–with her three year old son Brayden in tow–to tell me about a non-profit ministry she’s launched called With Love,

The story of how this ministry to foster care families came into being was too beautiful not to share. So, when we had the opportunity, we decided to follow up with an interview to find out more about With Love,:

RW: Tell us a little bit about yourself Allie…

I am a wife and a mom to an active little three year old boy, and an avid coffee drinker and love to travel. After teaching for 7 years and bringing others to Helene Honduras five times for missions trips, I decided to focus my energy on helping others in the community. After having children in foster care in my classroom and seeing the children’s lives in such chaos, I knew that God had called me to love on those kids.

RW: Can you describe the journey of being led to do something about foster care?

There is a huge need for loving homes for children in foster care to find refuge. Not every family is able to have a foster child, however many people want to help foster children.Seeing the need in the community and realizing there aren’t many places for foster parents to get the items made it clear something needed to be done. It was this reality that made a group of us want to bridge the gap between foster families and others that want to help. That’s how the idea of starting a non-profit called With Love, began. The journey has been a work in progress, but we became serious November 2012 and have been going full steam ahead since then!

RW: What is the vision of With Love,?

With Love, is honored to support their journey by lending safe, clean and quality clothing and supplies to children ages 0 – 5. All foster parents and children deserve items that protect and care for their new family. We strive to make that gift a reality. When supporting these foster  families with gear and clothes we decided that we wanted to do it in an honoring way. We want only quality items to go to these families, not cast off items people just didn’t want.


Exhibit A: Allie says that her son Brayden has grown accustomed to living amidst tubs of donations. He enjoys playing with and packing toys that are going to less fortunate kids in Portland.

RW: Is it true that this ministry is currently based out of bedrooms in your home? 

Ha ha! This is seriously a joke! It’s funny cause this ministry has basically overtaken my house! God told me to get started, and that’s what I did. Waiting for perfect circumstances is the best way to avoid getting anything done.

Does your office at the church  have room (laughter)?!

Because we have a huge load of donated items coming in this month for a Foster Parent’s Night Out event at Imago Dei Church!


RW: What kind of folks can get involved with this ministry to foster care families?

As a mother of a toddler there were few places I could volunteer while having my little one in tow..There is an amazing work force of stay at home parents who would love to volunteer, we want With Love, to be a place that they can use their gifts. We also strive to make With Love, a place that working moms, families, high school students and grandparents can volunteer.  Our focus is 80% on foster families and 20% on creating a positive place where volunteers can engage at a variety of levels.   Also, there are many parents that have lost a child due to miscarriage or death. We wanted to create a place that they can work in their child’s memory. The name With Love, is a place to pay homage to a person who is gone too soon.

RW: As a startup ministry, what kinds of practical needs do you currently have?

A few very specific needs are getting new consumable items as well as new underwear, socks, and pajamas 2T-5T. Donating quality clothes and gear that are no longer needed is greatly needed. Finding time to volunteer time is always very appreciated.  Finally, since we are a new start up we need financial support so we can move items out of my house into a proper storage facility. That way we can continue to meet more and more needs of  foster care families in community.

As we wrapped up our interview with Allie, we asked her to pick one word that summarized the heart behind With Love, 

Her answer: “Blessing!”

I love that answer! As followers of Christ, we have an opportunity to bless foster care families in our community by investing our time and things that God has blessed us with. To find out more about how to donate items or to volunteer at With Love, events visit

To stay in the loop on what’s happening through With Love, follow Allie and her team on Facebook.



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