How You Can Connect At River West



Beyond Sunday services, there is a world of ministry that is happening throughout the week at River West Church. There are community groups, Bible studies, youth events, children’s programs, service teams, outreach projects, and much much more. The Connect Team is devoted to helping people plug into the various ministry opportunities at River West, where they can grow in faith and service.

I recently interviewed Troy and Dusk Dutt and asked them to share about their involvement with the Connect ministry:

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Father + Daughter Camp 2015



I recently asked the women of The River, our women’s Bible study, to complete a questionnaire about their relationship with their dads as they were growing up. The response was overwhelming! Thanks to all of the women who took the time to share their stories. Some made me laugh, but more often than not, they broke my heart. As I prepared for this year’s Father + Daughter Camp, I did so with these stories floating around in my head. They confirmed to me just how important a father’s role is in the life of his daughter. Some dads get it, and some dads don’t.

Now, there is something truly special about the Father + Daughter Camp that River West Church hosts each year. Don’t get me wrong, there is something amazing about the Father + Son Adventure Camp too. But there is something really powerful about seeing a dad love and serve his daughter when they engage in all kinds of activities together.

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Growth In The Junior High Girls Bible Study



Three years ago, when we started a junior high girls Bible study, we didn’t know what to expect. The plan was to host the group in houses every week—offering girls a meal and relationships without the formal “church setting.”

In the first two years, things went great—our group grew from just a handful of kids to more than 10 as we wrapped up the year in June of 2014. With growth and momentum, we were excited for what the fall of 2014 might have in store.

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Kids Who Know God’s Word


Children's Art

Since most of you adults at River West Church haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with us downstairs in River West Kids, I thought I would attempt to give you a glimpse into the joy-filled time that I get to spend with your children.

On Sunday mornings, I tend to quiz the four-year olds, five-year olds and kindergarteners to see if they have been paying attention during story time. Usually, at least one student in the class knows the answer and can cover for all the kids. The others are too busy playing with the lace on their neighbor’s dress or attempting to break dance on the floor to notice what miracle Jesus was performing or lesson He was teaching to the disciples. This past week I intentionally wrote down their answers, just for you. What I heard encouraged my heart, and I hope their answers bring a smile to your face. Take a look. Continue reading